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Here at navasresidential, our mission is to give you a safer, energy efficient and comfortable home, and to show you what the technology of the future can do for you today.

We design and install home automation systems, for controlling your lights, music, home cinema, HVAC, blinds & curtains, gates, video surveillance and many other appliances around your home.

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Six reasons why you would need a Smart Home

1. Central control of all devices in your home - The convenience factor here is enormous. Being able to keep all of the technology in your home connected through one interface is a massive step forward for technology and home management. Theoretically, all you’ll have to do is learn how to use one app on your smartphone and tablet, and you’ll be able to tap into countless functions and devices throughout your home. This cuts way back on the learning curve for new users, makes it easier to access the functionality you truly want for your home.

2. Maximizing home security - When you incorporate security and surveillance features in your smart home network, your home security can skyrocket. There are tons of options here -- only a few dozen of which are currently being explored. For example, home automation systems can connect motion detectors, surveillance cameras, automated door locks, and other tangible security measures throughout your home so you can activate them from one mobile device before heading to bed. You can also choose to receive security alerts on your various devices depending on the time of day an alert goes off, and monitor activities in real-time whether you’re in the house or halfway around the globe. 

3. Flexibility for new devices and appliances - Smart home systems tend to be wonderfully flexible when it comes to the accommodation of new devices and appliances and other technology. No matter how state-of-the-art your appliances seem today, there will be newer, more impressive models developed as time goes on. Beyond that, you’ll probably add to your suite of devices as you replace the older ones or discover new technology to accompany your indoor and outdoor spaces. Being able to integrate these newcomers seamlessly will make your job as a homeowner much easier, and allow you to keep upgrading to the latest lifestyle technology.

4. Remote control of home functions - Don’t underestimate the power of being able to control your home’s functions from a distance. On an exceptionally hot day, you can order your house to become cooler in just enough time before you get home from work. If you’re in a hurry to get dinner started but you’re still at the store, you can have your oven start to preheat while you’re still on your way home. You can even check to see if you left the lights on, who is at your front door, or make sure you turned off all your media while you’re away.

5. Increased energy efficiency - Depending on how you use your smart-home technology, it’s possible to make your space more energy-efficient. For example, you can have more precise control over the heating and cooling of your home with a programmable smart thermostat that learns your schedule and temperature preferences and then suggests the best energy-efficient settings throughout the day. Lights and motorized shades can be programmed to switch to an evening mode as the sun sets, or lights can turn on and off automatically when you enter or leave the room, so you never have to worry about wasting energy.

6. Improved appliance functionality - Smart homes can also help you run your appliances better. A smart TV will help you find better apps and channels to locate your favorite programming. A smart oven will assist you with cooking your chicken to perfection -- without ever worrying about overcooking or undercooking it. An intelligently designed home theater and audio system can make managing your movie and music collection effortless when entertaining guests. Ultimately, connecting your appliances and other systems with automation technology will improve your appliance effectiveness and overall make your home life much more easier and enjoyable!

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance


Home Cinema


HVAC Control


Internet Security

Brochures about Smart Homes:

Multiroom audio.jpg

Multi-room audio is a system that can play different music sources (online music streaming services, like Spotify, Tidal, Deezer or Amazon music, as well as local music archives stored on a NAS or your smartphone/tablet/PC) in different rooms in the property, called “audio zones”


A centralized lighting system is one in which all the high-voltage circuits are terminated within an automation enclosure and operate under a central control system -  the high voltage lighting, fans, motors and switch circuits are individually wired directly to the control modules in the automation enclosure. The modules are controlled by low voltage or RF user interfaces in the living area.


Whether it is a large TV with a soundbar or a dedicated room with a projector, 130" + screen and a Dolby Atmos sound system, our solutions for your Home Cinema can bring Hollywood magic to your home...

The brands we used on our recent projects:

If you have a project that requires integration of Smart Home technologies, please do give us a call - we will be more than happy to assist you with the system capabilities, features and equipment selection, as well as with procurement, installation and programming.

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