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Internet Security



Internet has become a major part of our everyday life. Some of us rely on these connections and network every day of the week, so we fully understand how important this is for you. If you don’t have a strong, and secure network, your devices will not work properly.

Streaming devices such as computers HDTVs, Home Theatre Receivers, Blu Ray players, Apple TV, Camera Security Systems all require reliable  Wired or Wi-Fi connections.

As part of your Broadband installation, your Internet Service Provider provided, sometimes FOC, a device which is actually a combi-box, containing all of these appliances:

  • A Modem, connecting to your ISP`s network

  • A Router, connecting your home network to the Internet

  • A Switch, so you can connect more than one wired device and

  • A Wi-Fi Access Point, or a WAP, which gives Internet access to your mobile devices

This device, although adequate for providing you with a basic level of Internet and Wi-Fi service, can hardly fulfil all your Home Automation and Internet Security needs - they lack the robustness, speed, capacity, scalability and security/performance features necessary for today`s multi-user multimedia, Entertainment and Home Automation requirements.

We are certified installers for some of the World`s best networking brands, like Cisco, Pakedge, Araknis and Ubiquity and we can design your home network for the best Wi-Fi coverage, speed and security - please do give us a call for a free consultation.




Apart from enabling adequate speed and capacity for the multi-user, multi-device Internet access, your home networking equipment should protect you from Cyber intruders, by discovering and stopping any suspicious activity on your network.

Furthermore, you might want to implement "Social Hour", when access to all social networks is switched off, or you might want to limit the time your children have access to game sites on a daily basis - for configuration all of these and many other Internet access policies, please do give us a call for a free consultation.

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