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Home Cinema

"Media Room" or "Home Theatre"?


Every audio-visual system, which is created in an effort to bring the excitement of commercial cinemas into your home can be called a "home cinema", but there are huge differences in the way these systems fulfil this role.

Home Cinema systems start with just a large screen TV and a sound bar and they go all the way up to the dedicated rooms, with large screen projection, immersive multi-channel sound system and specialized seating furniture, as well as custom made lighting and HVAC systems.

Home Cinema systems include the following equipment:

  • DVD/Bluray players

  • Media Servers, containing movie collections

  • OLED Smart TVs

  • Laser projectors

  • Surround sound audio systems

  • Lighting & Blinds control

  • Special acoustic room treatments

  • Custom made or specialised furniture


More information about the different aspects of the Home Cinema installations you can find in our brochure "HOME CINEMA"




Since the modern systems for recording and playback of multi-channel movie soundtracks, like Dolby Atmos or DTS:X demand high levels of sound pressure in Home Cinema rooms, there is a need to address the sound isolation of these spaces, in order to alleviate noise pollution.

For some of the sound isolation solutions, please refer to our brochure "HOME CINEMA"



Each room has its own dimensions and a selection of surfaces, with varying levels of sound absorption - sometimes, even the expensive audio equipment does not sound "right" in these rooms.

For these challenges, there are special audio "room correction" processors on the market, which electronically compensate for the inaccuracies of room acoustics.

If you are planning a Home Cinema installation on your next project, please do give us a call, for the assistance in design, equipment selection and installation.

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